Stella McCartney champions ethical fashion with new ‘fur-free fur’ collection

Read Time:   |  6th September 2018

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Fashion giant Stella McCartney has launched a new collection of ‘fur-free fur’ designs that cut down on waste and protect animals, workers and the environment.

Stella McCartney fur-free fur collection

Included in the collection are animal print accessories, jumpsuits and luxe fur coats, made from acrylic and other cruelty-free materials.

On her website, the designer herself introduces the collection, saying: ‘I think that the fashion industry can get away with a lot and it is getting away with murder. Fur is the most unnecessary thing in the world […] fur is cruel.’

She writes: ‘The decision to include faux fur in our designs however, has not been made without much debate. We are proud to have created a product that looks and feels like real fur without any of the cruelty factor, but remain equally aware that we do not want to promote fur because of our products’ great likeness to it. Ultimately we concluded that by offering a luxury Fur-Free-Fur product that is such a good alternative to real fur we are demonstrating that no animal needs to be harmed for fashion, and that is an important message for us.’

Stella McCartney fur-free fur collection

Though expensive, the faux fur coats and animal print pieces are designed to last. In the collection’s promotional video, a model claims: ‘A well-made garment like this should last a lifetime.’

The new line is expected to receive a lot of interest. Faux fur was promoted at New York Fashion Week this year, with a number of big names in fashion replacing real fur with faux. Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Ellie Goulding, and Emma Watson have worn McCartney’s cruelty-free designs, and the brand is really making strides in the promotion of ethical fashion.

Find out more about the collection here.

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