Simon Cowell to release vegan cookbook after losing 60lbs on a vegan diet

Read Time:   |  27th May 2020

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Music mogul Simon Cowell adopted a plant-based diet 12 months ago and has enjoyed a wealth of health benefits including increased energy levels, improved sleep, and losing an impressive 60lbs


Music mogul Cowell was inspired to make drastic changes to his lifestyle to improve his health following a health scare in 2017 after he collapsed and fell down a flight of stairs due to low blood pressure.

In order to improve his health, he was advised by his doctors to cut down on his alcohol intake as well as drastically limiting his intake of meat and dairy products.

Speaking with Extra‘s Terri Seymour about the initial conversation with his doctor, Cowell said: “I went to see this guy who’s very well-known. And he said to me, after doing some blood work, ‘You can’t have red meat, dairy, sugar, bread or gluten.”

The star also told Seymour that he was sticking to his diet and exercise regime during the lockdown after loosing 60lbs and is feeling good and enjoying “doing a bit of cooking.”

Vegan recipe book

Keen to share what he has learnt and help others to eat more plants and less meat, Cowell told The Sun that he is planning to release a diet recipe book titled ‘It’s Not That Difficult’.

“It’s something I have been thinking about because everyone’s so interested,” he told the Sun.

“I think I would call it, It’s Not That Difficult…I’d give people some of the recipes I have been following.

“What you eat has to taste nice — otherwise you won’t stick to it.”

Improved energy levels

As well as losing weight, the 60-year old X-Factor star has also praised his diet for improving his energy levels so he can ‘keep up’ with his young son Eric.

Discussing the benefits of plant-based eating with reporters at an ITV Palooza event last year, he said: “My memory’s better, my energy’s better.

“And when you’ve got a five-year-old you’ve got to be able to keep up with them because the minute they’re awake they’re all over the place.

“His energy is unbelievable. When he wakes up, he’s like, ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy,’ and before he goes to sleep, ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy’.

“So I was conscious of the fact I have to keep up with him energy-wise, and someone recommended this as the way to go. I tried it and I stuck to it, it’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.”

Photo credit Andrew Cowie/AFP via Getty Images

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