Sigourney Weaver credits vegan diet as the secret to her ageless beauty

Read Time:   |  14th December 2020

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71-year-old actress Sigourney Weaver claims her vegan diet is the secret to maintaining her ageless beauty.


Alien star and award-winning actress Sigourney Weaver has revealed the secret to her ageless beauty: a vegan diet.

The 71-year-old is often praised for her youthful look in the media and is adamant that her age does not hinder her as an actress in demanding roles.

She has shared her tips to staying healthy with Stellar magazine this week, and readers may be surprised to discover the star follows a plant-based diet.


Being vegan on set

Working with director James Cameron on several occasions, she told the magazine that there is always vegan food on set, making it easy to follow the diet. This is because the award-winning director is also vegan.

Relying on caterers can be difficult when following a lifestyle with dietary requirements. But according to Weaver, there are always vegan caterers on the films with Cameron.

Juggling a busy lifestyle with a vegan diet is something fellow actress Anya Taylor-Joy mentioned in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar. The young starlet told the magazine that she feels ‘healthiest’ when following a vegan diet.

Vegan celebrities

Veganism is not only growing in the general population, it is also becoming increasingly popular amongst celebrities.

Many stars are incorporating plant-based alternatives into their diet, while others are going fully vegan. Just this year, rap icon Lizzo embraced a completely vegan diet and told her millions of Instagram and TikTok fans she had never felt better.

Moreover, multiple Grammy winner Billie Eilish recently visited an animal sanctuary to encourage her fans not to eat turkey at Thanksgiving.

This increased visibility of veganism thanks to celebrities is helping to normalise eating plant-based alternatives, and encouraging more people to try a more planet-friendly diet.

Whether it’s for health, the environment or the animals, more people choosing vegan options is a great thing for the movement.

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