Vegan Ricky Gervais reveals he received ‘funny looks’ during animal saving escapade

Author: Maria Chiorando

Read Time:   |  27th June 2023

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Ricky Gervais, who revealed he was was vegan last year, often advocates for animals


Ricky Gervais has opened up about a recent experience he had with wildlife.

The animal-loving comedian, who last year revealed he is vegan, took to social media on Tuesday to describe how he gave some frogs on Hampstead Health a helping hand.

It is home to thousands of froglets, who, each year, leave the Heath’s ponds and venture out into the wider world, where they continue their three-year journey to adulthood.

According to the 61-year-old, he saved some of the creatures, helping them to safety as they tried to cross a “footpath of death” to reach the woods beyond.

And his efforts put him on the receiving end of some “funny looks”, after he shouted at passers-by not to step on the small creatures.

In his post on Facebook, Ricky said: “Today was the day that thousands of brand new froglets left their tadpoly ways in the pond on Hampstead Heath and tried to cross the footpath of death to the woods. I helped by carrying some by hand & shouting to people to not tread on the baby frogs. Got some funny looks.”

The comic posted about the escapade on his facebook page, prompting thousands of comments. Image courtesy of Ricky Gervais via Facebook.

The comic posted about the escapade on his facebook page, prompting thousands of comments. Image courtesy of Ricky Gervais via Facebook.


Animal lover

Ricky’s post received attention and messages of support from fans who voiced their appreciation for his compassionate ways, and shared their own experiences of saving froglets from dangerous roads and footpaths.

One wrote: “I love your work on TV but your high regard for animals is what makes you special in my eyes, thank you for caring about all creatures great & small. You truly are a very talented, intelligent & lovely man.”

Another added: “I spent hours as a child doing this. I didn’t want the lorries on the docks to squish them, so I used to pick them up, put them in a beach bucket and carry them across the busy road to the pond. I cried for the squished ones too.”

Meanwhile a third wrote: “Thank you for helping save the lives you did!! Such timing. You’re the best, Ricky!”

And another simply said: “You are such a good human Ricky Gervais! I love you for everything you do for animals and amphibians!”

Ricky Gervais reveals he is vegan

Gervais, a well-known animal lover, revealed he was vegan in an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last January.

As the host goaded him to try to name which member of The Beatles he would eat, Ricky said: “Well I’m vegan so it’s even worse for me. I wouldn’t.”

When Jimmy tried to push for an answer, asking the comedian “What about Paul McCartney? He’s vegan too!”,

Ricky replied “Well, that doesn’t make any difference if you eat someone who’s vegan, you’re still eating meat, aren’t you?”, before ending the conversation saying: “I’d rather not eat anyone!”.

In recent years, Ricky has been vocal about animal rights, using his huge social media platform to raise awareness of numerous abuse issues.

Among them is the rise of “disturbing” fake animal rescue videos on YouTube: in 2021, he launched a campaign to raise awareness and help end the spread of these clips.

Another of Ricky’s successful campaigns came in 2022, when he partnered with the Humane Society to produce an animated short.

Tackling animal testing, the video titled Save Ralph quickly went viral, largely thanks to the comedian’s involvement.

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