Posters advertising ‘humane’ meat from Elwood’s Organic Dog Farm roll out across London Underground

Author: Maria Chiorando

Read Time:   |  23rd June 2023

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Elwood's Organic Dog Meat Farm is a fictional facility created by vegan campaigners who want meat eaters to consider the hypocrisy of loving some animals while eating others


Posters advertising ‘humane’ organic dog meat have rolled out across the London Underground – but not all is as it seems.

The posters, promoting Elwood’s Organic Dog Meat Farm, are part of a campaign created by vegan advocates.

Created in 2021, the campaign aims to make meat eaters consider their own hypocrisy, with regards to loving some animals (notably companion animals like cats and dogs), while eating others like cows, chicken, and pigs among others.

The posters feature language commonly used to advertise meat, describing the product as ‘local, free range, and humanely harvested’.

Elwood’s Organic Dog Meat

According to a satirical press release accompanying the UK launch of the ‘meat’ and the poster rollout: “The launch [of Elwood’s Dog in the UK], supported by a huge ad campaign on the London Underground, comes just in time for peak barbecue season, with a wide range of products, from Labrador steaks to pug bacon.

“Distribution deals are being struck with major food retailers, and most lines will be available nationwide. If you haven’t tried delicious dog meat, there’s never been a better time to dig in!

“All the dog meat is humanely harvested, and high-welfare, with the dogs enjoying free roaming on grass pasture. Elwood’s Organic Dog believes that happy dogs make happy meat, and nothing is more important to them than the dogs enjoying the best life possible, all the way up until slaughter.”

However, eagle-eyed tube users may have noticed a disclaimer at the bottom of the posters, which reads: “This isn’t real, but if an ad for a fake farm bothers you, maybe go vegan?”


Vegan campaign

According to the organisation behind the campaign, it has had some success when it comes to encouraging people to ditch animal products.

Speaking to Plant Based News, a spokesperson said: “There are actual messages from people who have decided to go vegetarian or try veganism after seeing our posts or website.

“I’d say once a month, we get direct messages, emails, and voicemails or find comments on our shares from people who were, say, holding their cat while reading our website, feeling anger and disbelief before making the connection.

“And we hear from a lot of people that our posts or website simply helped them finally understand veganism, which is sometimes the first step to making a change.”

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