Plant-based pranksters hijack ‘Meaty March’ by giving out free vegan burgers

Read Time:   |  2nd March 2020

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Meatless Farm organised a cheeky stunt to hijack the pro-meat campaign by giving out free plant-based burgers to Londoners.

The UK’s meat industry will be campaigning and protesting this month with the hope of replicating the success of Veganuary.

To combat this, a group of ‘beefy’ Brits have been gallivanting around central London, handing out Meatless Farm’s beetroot beefcakes burgers to Londoners on their lunch breaks to show them that plant-based burgers can be just as juicy, ‘meaty’ and tasty as traditional burgers.

The Meatless Farm organised this stunt to hijack the pro-meat campaign #meatymarch following their research which showed 54% of British consumers are increasing the amount of plant-based food they’re eating this year.

‘Joyful, accessible and tasty’

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Morten Toft Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm said: “We’re hijacking #meatymarch because we believe in making eating more plant-based food joyful, accessible and tasty.

“We’re hoping our brood of beefcakes can encourage the public to make small changes to their weekly eating habits – it’s not necessarily about being vegan or vegetarian, we make it easy for people to swap, even if it’s once or twice a week. We aren’t against meat or farming we just recognise that there needs to be a better balance.‘’


Alistair, one of the Meatless ‘beefcakes’, added: “I’ve been swapping out meat for plant-based options a couple times a week for a while now.

“I think there’s often a stigma attached with reducing your meat intake, hopefully we can show people that you can be just as happy and healthy whilst reducing it. It’s all about the mini-change, and a burger is a good way to start!‘’

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