‘Plant-based’ is the number one trend, according to Starbucks

Read Time:   |  2nd February 2021

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Starbucks has identified 'plant-based' as the number one trend in consumer preferences and is innovating its menu to reflect this and meet demand.


Global chain Starbucks will aim to innovate its menu as consumer trends indicate a ‘dominant shift’ towards plant-based food.

‘Plant-based’ has been identified as the number one trend in 2021 for food and beverages, and this will be at the forefront of new items at Starbucks.

Speaking to Senior Research Analyst Dennis Geiger’s, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said:

“Strategically, we are a beverage-first company. When we attach food, our R&D teams have been very thoughtful about how to have the food menu be relevant to the dayparts and to the beverages that we sell.

“If I were to say what is the — probably the most dominant shift in consumer behaviour is this whole shift to plant-based. And that is a shift both in beverage and in food.”

Johnson revealed that the coffee shop giant is working hard to develop and expand its plant-based menu and is even using one Starbucks store in Seattle as a ‘test site’ to trial new vegan menu options.

Vegan at Starbucks

Over the last year alone, Starbucks has already significantly upped its vegan game. In the UK, the chain launched the Original Nut Blend made from rice, hazelnuts and cashew nuts which can be added to any drink for the ultimate creamy non-dairy milk experience.

Moreover, this January, Starbucks released four new vegan food options to complement the new beverages. On the menu, you can now find a ‘Cheese’ and Marmite Mini Ciabatta, a Chick’n and BBQ Bean Hot Wrap, and a classic Sweetcorn Fritter Wrap.

Perhaps most exciting however is the vegan Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich, featuring a Beyond Meat sausage patty, vegan cheese, tofu ‘egg’ and signature tomato relish.

You can find these new menu items at Starbucks outlets and drive thru’s around the UK, and believe us, they’re worth the hype!

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