Research suggests plant-based diets could replace the traditional diet within 100 years

Read Time:   |  6th April 2021

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Plant-based diets could replace traditional diets within a century if they continue to grow at the current rate.

Veganism has exploded in recent years, with plant-based offerings growing exponentially across the globe.

And according to Business Expert, plant-based diets could replace the traditional meat-heavy diet within a century if alternatives continue to grow at the current rate.

The vegan food market is expected to reach $35.5 billion by 2027, an increase of 219% in eight years.

Perhaps the biggest area of growth is the plant-based milk market. In just five years the market has increased by 9%, while the dairy industry shrunk by 6%.

Moreover, Veganuary participants have surged from just 4,000 in 2014 to a monumental 584,000 in 2021.

Reasons behind the increase

One in 8 Brits is now vegetarian or vegan (13%), with a further 21% identifying as flexitarian. This translates to over a third of the UK population eating a diet low in or completely free-from meat.

But what is driving this exponential growth in plant-based diets?

The under 35s are the leading age group in terms of diet changes, and 87% of these young people are worried about the environment. This has led to a huge shift away from meat as it is a leading cause of climate change and environmental destruction.

Moreover, a new study indicated that the pandemic has fueled the rise of plant-based diets. This is because Covid-19 has brought up concerns over the effect of animal foods on our health, and the risk that intensive farming poses with future pandemics.

Whatever the reasons behind it, the plant-based industry is undoubtedly booming, and we can only see this as a positive thing. 

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