Plant-based butcher Sgaia launches in Selfridges stores across the UK

Read Time:   |  4th May 2021

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Artisan meat alternative brand Sgaia is launching into Selfridge stores across the UK with products such as streaky 'bacon' and vegan 'steaks'.

If you’re into your vegan meat replacements, you may have heard of Sgaia.

The artisan plant-based butcher offers up alternatives to meaty options such as steak, bacon and burgers which actually taste authentic.

Now, the brand is launching into Selfridges stores across the UK, making the whole range available nationwide in retail.

With the demand for vegan meats increasing exponentially, this launch will enable consumers to try premium plant-based cuts nationwide.

The full range includes:

  • Italian Style or Original Vegan Burger (£8.99 for two)
  • Lorne Sausage (£6.99 for 4)
  • Smoky or Original Vegan Steak (£5.99 for two)
  • Smoky Vegan Bacon Rashers (£6.99 for 5 rashers)
  • Pastrami-Style Slices (£7.99 for 6 slices)
  • Pepperoni-Style Slices (£7.99 for 18 slices)

Sgaia hails from Scotland, and you can see the influence with the traditional Lorne sausage patties, which are essential to any Scottish cooked breakfast.

And with barbeque season on the horizon, Sgaia promises its vegan burger patties won’t fall apart on the grill, saving any embarrassment at non-vegan gatherings.

Project Earth

The launch of Sgaia products at Selfridges is part of the retailers’ ongoing sustainability initiative Project Earth.

In this project, Selfridges aims to increase its range of plant-based options, from vegan meat alternatives to dairy-free delights.

Project Earth also focuses on clothing, with the options to rent, repair or shop pre-loved, which helps to close the gap on waste.

Repairing your existing clothes rather than buying new ones is something that will change the face of fashion, and we have a helpful guide here to help you get stuck in.

We love that the luxury retailer is encouraging customers to shop more sustainably and try more plant-based options!

You can find the Sgaia products at Selfridges stores across the UK, including London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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