Pistachio milk: the newest non-dairy drink

Author: Helen Greaves

Read Time:   |  22nd November 2021

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Borna Foods' pistachio milk is launching soon in the UK, and it aims to take alternative milk fixtures by storm!


Over a third of Brits are now opting for plant-based milk instead of dairy, and they’re about to get even more milk alternatives to choose from.

UK-based nut enthusiasts Borna Foods are launching a new type of plant-based drink – pistachio milk.

Borna Foods have used the ‘king of nuts’ to create two delicious, velvety-textured nut drinks that are low in calories yet high in fibre and nutrients.

The 500ml cartons are available in lightly sweetened and unsweetened varieties and are both fortified with added B12 and calcium from natural sources.

Both varieties of pistachio milk will be available from November through Amazon and Ocado.

As a proud London-based producer, Borna Foods is an active supporter of The Felix Project. The Felix Project is a London-based charity that works tirelessly to reduce food waste and tackle hunger in the capital.

The not-so-humble pistachio

Although made with natural ingredients and no added nasties, the new pistachio milk owes much of its nutritional credentials to the glorious nut itself.

Pistachios are a great source of antioxidants, protein and fibre. They’re also one of the lowest calorie nuts available, and boast a low glycemic index.

And not only are they good for you, but they taste great too!

Trends in plant-based milks

Pistachio milk isn’t the only unusual dairy alternative to hit UK shelves this year.

Amongst the familiar milks made from soya, almonds, oats, and coconuts we’ve also seen potato milk make its UK debut.

Set to be a vegan food trend in 2022, potato milk is dubbed as a surprisingly sustainable alternative.

With over five million potatoes being thrown away in Britain every year, using some of this waste to make a milk alternative can only be a good thing – and we can assure you it doesn’t taste like chips!

Nutty about nuts? Try making these delicious pistachio & quinoa bites!

Written by

Helen Greaves

Helen has been vegan since 2018 and has a background in vegan food marketing and social media. She's mother to a mischief of rats, and loves to spend her spare time making vegan cakes and bakes.

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