Piers Morgan says McDonald’s new vegan burger is a ‘total con’

Read Time:   |  12th November 2020

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GMB host Piers Morgan argues against the new vegan burger at McDonald's and claims it shouldn't be called a 'burger'.


Piers Morgan has offered his opinion on vegan food once again. This time, it’s to express his disdain for the new McDonald’s vegan burger launching in the US.

The Good Morning Britain host frequently uses his air time to be vocal against the vegan movement, and unsurprisingly, he had something to say on the matter of the McPlant burger.

“It’s false marketing. It’s not a burger.” Piers shouted with disdain.

But Susannah came to our rescue, pointing out that “burger doesn’t have the word meat in it.”

Piers was insistent, “look it up in the dictionary, burger is a meat product. So is a sausage. Why do vegans want to use our language?”

Susannah then showed viewers the official definition of a ‘burger’ which proved Piers wrong. It read: “Meat or other food made into a round fairly flat shape, fried and usually eaten between two halves of a bread roll.” She then decisively added, “I think you’ve just been comprehensively dismissed.” You could almost hear vegans and vegetarians everywhere clapping in agreement.

A vegan language?

“Make your own language! It’s a total con!” He retorted. “You hate meat so much you want to call your products after meat products? Why?”

Piers has once again started up the common argument from meat-eaters. Why do vegans make their food resemble meat products. It’s simple really Piers – vegans don’t go vegan because they hate meat, they hate animal abuse. So if we can replicate the taste/texture of meat without harming animals, why wouldn’t we?

The ‘burger’ ban

Perhaps Piers doesn’t know, the EU has already voted on the matter (I know, what a waste of parliamentary time!) and decided that veggie companies can use the term ‘burger’ for their products. Problem solved – now leave it alone!


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