PETA offer UK takeaways a free guide to cooking vegan chicken

Read Time:   |  3rd November 2020

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Takeaways across the UK have been offered a free guide to cooking vegan fried chicken, compiled by PETA.


Vegan eating is at an all time high, with companies such as Deliveroo reporting an 115% increase of vegan orders this year, and KFC winning a PETA food award for their vegan chicken burger.

Moreover, the takeaway market is booming due to the pandemic, and with a second lockdown set for the UK in just two days, takeaways are set to soar again.

PETA say this has caused meat alternatives to become even more popular, and in order to encourage more takeaway businesses to cater for vegans they have compiled a guide to vegan fried chicken.

This free digital guide highlights the top vegan brands including THIS, Oumph! and Quorn, and the popular vegan chicken options offered at KFC, Nando’s and Pizza Hut for inspiration.

In addition, the guide also provides data concerning the ‘rapidly growing vegan food market’ to demonstrate the incentives for providing meat-free options.

‘Never been easier’

Dawn Carr, PETA director of vegan corporate projects said: “It’s never been easier for chicken shops to spare gentle birds the abattoir knife by adding vegan options to their menus.

“PETA’s new resource will help takeaways cash in on the booming demand for plant-based meats with delicious vegan wings, burgers, nuggets, and so much more.”

‘Perfect breeding ground’

PETA also mentioned the role that eating animals plays in future pandemic risk.

“Numerous influenza viruses originated on chicken and pig farms, where animals endure close confinement and are made to live in their own waste.

“These farms are every bit as filthy as China’s wet markets, creating a perfect breeding ground for deadly pathogens to emerge.”

We hope that PETA’ s new guide will help UK businesses add new meat-free options to their menus – not just because it means more good food for us! 

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