‘World’s first all-vegan cookery competition show will make TV history’, say producers of upcoming programme PEELED

Author: Maria Chiorando

Read Time:   |  23rd July 2022

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Chef Josie Clemens, the first vegan chef to compete in the hit series Hell’s Kitchen, will lead PEELED's all-star panel of judges on the vegan cookery show


A new vegan cookery competition show called PEELED, which features an ‘all-vegan celebrity cast’ will debut in September.

Created by Vkind Studios, PEELED will ‘make TV history’ according to the producers, as the first exclusively plant-based cookery show, showcasing how fantastic vegan recipes can be.

The programme, hosted by Dr. Shabnam Islam and Chef Babette Davis, will feature an all-vegan cast creating tasty dishes as they compete with each other, whilst raising money for worthy causes.

Four of the contestants will compete for the top prize: the title of ‘Hottest Vegan Chef’ and a stay at Mother Earth Vegan Hotel in Costa Rica. Additionally, the winner’s vegan dessert dish will be available at select Copper Branch outlets, the largest international vegan restaurant chain.

Top vegan chefs

Chef Josie Clemens, who was the first vegan chef to compete in the hit series Hell’s Kitchen, co-created the series along with Star Simmons. She also joined the show’s cast to lead the all-star panel of plant-based judges.

In a statement, she said: “Some of the best chefs I know happen to be vegan and, while they are every bit as talented as some of the most celebrated chefs in conventional culinary arts, they have fewer opportunities to advance in the industry.

“With an estimated 40 per cent of the population now embracing flexitarian diets, interest in vegan cuisine is at an all-time high.”


Vegan cookery show

Meanwhile, creator Star Simmons said: “As a vegan and a foodie, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with cooking shows. PEELED allows those interested in the vegan lifestyle to explore the joys of vegan culinary arts.

“Plant-based culinary arts deserve a place at the table in the popular cooking competition genre… It is great news that major networks and streaming platforms are finally seeing the value of programming for audiences interested in exploring this lifestyle.

“But I’m proud that we were the first, and I look forward to seeing more vegan programming in the future.”

PEELED will make its debut on Saturday, September 24th at 6:00 p.m. with a Red Carpet Premiere taking place in Los Angeles, CA at the Director’s Guild of America. It will stream simultaneously online and launch 24 hours post-premiere on Unchained TV, which is available on Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV.

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