Paul McCartney urges 4.2 million followers to be ‘careful about what we eat’ to solve climate crisis

Read Time:   |  3rd November 2022

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The Beatles icon has praised the award-winning documentary Eating Our Way To Extinction


Paul McCartney has urged his legion of followers to be ‘careful about what we eat’ in order to solve the current climate crisis.

The Beatles star, whose family spearheaded the Meatless Monday initiative, plugged the award-winning documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction on Twitter.

Narrated by Kate Winslet, the film sheds light on how animal agriculture and factory farming is the most destructive industry in the world, making audiences ‘question their everyday choices’.

Paul McCartney plugs pro-vegan film

“Hi there, this is Paul McCartney, I’ve recently seen a film called Eating Our Way to Extinction… Anyway listen, give it a look because it explains that what we eat is so important…” the star wrote.

“If we are careful about what we eat, it’s probably the best thing for solving the ecological crisis that we’re now in.”

Eating Our Way To Extinction

Since debuting online for free on YouTube, Eating Our Way To Extinction has garnered a slew of praise.

Vegan charity PETA, who attended the documentary’s premiere, said: “Eating Our Way to Extinction hits the ground running, presenting viewers with several clear and undeniable facts about the devastating effects of the global animal agriculture industry on the environment.

“Throughout the film, the use of powerful imagery and easy-to-digest graphics demonstrates the negative impact that the production of meat, fish, and dairy has on animals, our planet, human health, and indigenous communities living off the land…

“Time and time again, Eating Our Way to Extinction presents going vegan as the only choice that humans can make to help reverse the ecological damage already done to our planet by the animal agriculture industry”.

You can watch the film here.

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