Over half of British women are buying vegan beauty products despite a third not being vegan

Read Time:   |  6th June 2019

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A new study has discovered that British consumers are increasingly opting to purchase vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, even if they’re not vegan themselves.  

vegan beauty product sales in Britain

Beauty discover engine www.cosmetify.com has conducted a study into the rise of conscious beauty trends polling over 2,200 women between that ages of 18 and 45 who said they wear makeup regularly.

Veganism has been a hot topic over the last few years with supermarkets and restaurants all competing to launch as many vegan dishes and food products as possible, but it seems that vegan beauty has also been on the rise.

The majority of women surveyed (62%) said their beauty shopping habits had changed significantly over the past five to ten years after they became more aware of the impact certain ingredients have on the environment (17%), as well as their favourite brands becoming more ethical (8%).

When choosing which products to purchase, the consumers surveyed said they buy organic products the most (68%) with natural products (61%) and vegan (49%) being the next popular product type.


Whilst only 9% of those surveyed said they will only purchase vegan products, 56% of respondents admitted to buying vegan products all of the time or more than they used to, despite almost two fifths (39%) revealing that they themselves were not actually vegan.

Although only 9% of people surveyed purchase exclusively vegan products, 47% said that they do so more than they used to, making vegan cosmetics by far the most popular rising trend.

Speaking on the findings of the study in a statement sent to Vegan F00d & Living, Digital Brand Manager at www.cosmetify.com, Isa Lavahun, said: “Many of the current trends in the beauty industry are driven by conscious beauty, particularly when it comes to organic, vegan and natural products. This coincides with the rapid shift in lifestyle choices, and that consumers are more ethically conscious than ever before.

“Information is key to change, so beauty brands need to be more transparent about how they make and distribute their products. It’s great to see consumers questioning certain packaging, and that movements like plastic-free are disrupting the landscape”.

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