Oumph! launches new plant-based Spicy Drums

Author: Elena Amoroso

Read Time:   |  5th April 2022

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Popular plant-based brand Oumph! has just added brand new Spicy Drums to its tasty alternative meat range!

Get ready to have a new favourite fakeaway chicken with some new finger-lickin’ products from Oumph! as the popular plant-based brand has just released Spicy Drums into its great vegan lineup.

Oumph!’s Spicy Drums are made from soya and are 100% plant-based and gluten-free, which is certainly drumming up some excitement!

Ideal for the sunny days which are just over the horizon, these Spicy Drums would be a great addition to any BBQ or outdoor gathering.

However, that’s not to say these Spicy Drums can’t also be enjoyed home-cooked.

Shallow frying can give that extra crunch. Air-frying would be a great method if you want to use less oil. They can even be oven-cooked and enjoyed as part of a larger meal for dinner!

Due to the shape and size they are perfect for dipping into your favourite sauces.

Anders ‘Ankan’ Linden, co-founder, corporate chef and head of innovation at Oumph!, told us:

“It’s all about enjoying life and playing the drums! At Oumph! we want to kill boring, and that’s why we create food that rocks. Spicy Drums deliver soul and spice with every bite and will get your taste buds dancing.”

That is certainly reflected in its website, with fun bold imagery and a rock jingle that plays as you explore the pages.

Oumph!’s Spicy Drums are now available nationwide in Iceland in the frozen plant-based section.

The new Spicy Drums from Oumph! go great with any sauce!

The new Spicy Drums from Oumph! go great with any sauce!

Get a little extra Oumph! in your life

Oumph! launched in 2015 in Sweden, catering its range towards anyone who wants to eat tasty meat-free alternatives.

As a brand it tries to be as eco-aware as possible, by committing to phasing out its plastic packaging in favour of more sustainable options.

The brand has proved its popularity by being awarded both Best Vegan Meat (PETA UK) and Best Brand (The World Food Innovation Awards) in 2021.

With more great plant-based products emerging, it’s amazing to see people adopting more plant-based meals throughout the week.


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