Startup to launch Asia’s first commerical vegan whole egg substitute

Read Time:   |  7th December 2020

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OnlyEg is the innovative new vegan egg from Singaporean startup Float Foods and is a near-perfect replication of a chicken egg.


The vegan food market has been a hive of innovation over the past few years with companies launching alternatives for almost every animal product you can imagine.

However, whilst plant-based meats and cheeses are readily available, one product has proved to be tough to crack – eggs.

Asia is currently the largest consumers of chicken eggs in the world, with 65% of global production taking place in the region. In Singapore, nearly 2 billion chicken eggs are consumed every year.

Keen to offer an animal and planet-friendly alternative, Singaporean company Float Food has just unveiled its exciting new creation, OnlyEg, Asia’s first commercial plant-based whole egg substitute.

The in-house research team at the tech start-up have used legume-based proteins to create a highly realistic vegan egg that mimics both the yolk and the white and is a near-perfect replication of a chicken egg.

OnlyEg (top) in comparison to a chicken egg (bottom). Photo by OnlyEg

OnlyEg (top) in comparison to a chicken egg (bottom). Photo by OnlyEg


OnlyEg nutritional value

According to Float Foods, OnlyEg will be commercially available by 2022 and offers a nutritional value that matches that of a whole chicken egg.

However, unlike a chickens egg, the new plant-based egg eliminates many of the issues of its animal-based counterpart as it is free from cholesterol, hormones and drug residues.

In the UK, startup brand Crackd has just launched a cold-pressed liquid vegan egg substitute, the first of its kind in the country, that mimics the whole egg in dishes such as omelettes and scrambled eggs.


Merveillœufs vegan eggs

Whilst OnlyEg looks set to be the first whole vegan egg to be available commercially, French biology students Philippine Soulères and Sheryline Thavisouk have also been working hard to create a realistic vegan egg that fries like a chickens egg.

Together the biologists have spent three years and trialled over 50 recipes to create a vegan-friendly egg that looks and tastes like an egg and can be used in baking and cooking.

The duo hopes to stock the innovative product, Les Merveilloeufs, in supermarkets and restaurants soon following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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