Olivia Colman helps vegan charity Made In Hackney deliver meals to the vulnerable

Read Time:   |  1st May 2020

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Multi-award winning actress Olivia Colman has been lending a hand to vegan charity Made In Hackney to help those in need amid the coronavirus crisis


Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman has been surprising meal recipients in London who are receiving deliveries of food from Made In Hackney amid the coronavirus crisis after she volunteered with the vegan charity last week.

The vegan charity and community cookery school recently stopped all classes to deliver 500 emergency meals per day to vulnerable people in need during the lockdown.

Lending a hand to help Made In Hackney, who are on track to provide 25,000 meals over the next 3 months, Colman helped to make over 100 ‘rainbow veg tagines with crusty bread pieces and pearl barley’.

She then took to the streets to assist with non-contact deliveries around Hackney, much to the surprise of one of the meal recipients, Lynn, who rubbed her eyes and said, “I’ve not got my glasses on but you look just like Olivia Colman” when she opened the door to the find actress with her delivery.


Describing her experience working with the charity to help the vulnerable, Colman wrote in a piece featured by the Evening Standard: “In the midst of this deadly virus and economic crash, it is cheering to see how quickly and efficiently so many people are rising to the challenge.

“The organisations that donate food, volunteers that transport it and the charities that transform it into fresh meals — I salute you.

“What I witnessed yesterday — the dedicated, kind community-led work of The Felix Project and Made in Hackney — has convinced me there is indeed great cause to be hopeful.”

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