Oatly’s billboards across Europe deliver powerful message that only plant milk is ‘made for humans’

Read Time:   |  27th September 2018

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Oat milk brand Oatly is making a bold statement with a tower-block advertisement in Amsterdam, reminding citizens that only plant milk is ‘made for humans’.


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The billboard reads: ‘It’s like milk but made for humans.’ Its prominent position in Rotterdam allows it to be seen by one of Europe’s busiest port cities and spread its powerful message.

In essence, the sign wants people to face up to the fact that animals do not simply produce milk for our consumption. Therefore, they and their products should not be treated as consumables when other options are available to us.


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Plant milk such as Oatly is made using plant ingredients, without forcing any living creatures out of their natural lifestyles.

Speaking about billboards like Oatly’s, Sandra Higgins (founder of Go Vegan World advertising group) said: ‘If you asked most people if they think it is wrong to unnecessarily harm other sentient beings, they would answer that it is. This is because we all know that other animals feel.’

She continued: ‘[Posters and billboards] expose this inconsistency between our values and our behaviour. We claim to respect fact, yet we live according to myth.’

The Oatly billboard makes a point that passersby will be forced to consider. By promoting a dairy substitute that is less harmful to animals and the environment, and pointing out that we have no right to forcefully take an animal’s milk, the sign promotes dairy-free options in a very effective way.

And what Oatly is doing seems to be working. According to financial magazine Bloomberg, the oat milk brand has ‘started such a craze that coffee shops across the country are struggling to keep up with demand’.

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