Oatly seeks a valuation of $10 billion for IPO this spring

Read Time:   |  23rd February 2021

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Oatly is seeking a valuation of up to $10 billion for its upcoming IPO this spring, the biggest in plant-based history.


Swedish non-dairy giant Oatly is seeking a valuation of $10 billion after it confidentially filed for an IPO (initial public offering) in the US.

This proposed valuation would be the biggest in plant-based history, but it is not surprising considering the buzz around the brand.

While Beyond Meat’s value is also around the $10 billion mark, when it started selling shares in 2019 the value was below $2 billion, demonstrating how quickly the plant-based market is growing.

Oatly has been making waves over the past few years, gaining both positive and negative media attention along the way.

Last year, we defended Oatly after it received a tsunami of backlash when the brand sold a £150 million stake to Blackstone – a controversial investor.

Moreover,  the Oatly ‘Help Dad’ adverts broadcast in the UK were branded insensitive to alcoholism and received huge criticism from the media.

However, the ‘Wow, no cow’ advert broadcast during the Superbowl in the US went viral as viewers complained about the ‘terrible’ advert. A spot during the Superbowl advertisements cost the brand a whopping $5 million, but it seems as if the price was worth it, as the brand is now in a position to make history.

‘As soon as May’

The IPO will, unfortunately, be US-only, so if you’re a British Oatly fan you won’t be able to buy a share of the company just yet.

We don’t have any official information, but according to Bloomberg: “Oatly is working with advisers on an initial public offering that could come as soon as May.

“Deliberations are ongoing and details on size and timing of the listing could still change, the people said.”

Since Beyond Meat went public back in 2019, shares have surged more than 500%, and it is likely that Oatly will follow the same trajectory, as plant-based products become synonymous with the future.

Oatly is fast becoming a household name, and we can’t wait to see what happens when the IPO is live. Vive la plant-based revolution!

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