New study finds going vegan leads to weight loss, glowing skin and increased libido

Read Time:   |  3rd February 2021

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A new study by Holland and Barrett has revealed that going vegan leads to weight loss, glowing skin and increased libido.

A new study from Holland and Barrett conducted in December 2020 has unveiled some interesting statistics, such as the most popular reason for choosing a vegan diet being the health benefits.

In fact, 41% of new vegans say they switched to veganism for their health, compared to 32% for ethical reasons, and 24% for sustainability and the environment.

These enticing health benefits have been identified as ‘weight loss, glowing skin, and increased libido’. Nearly half of the study participants said they had lost weight, with 60% seeing weight loss in the first three months.

Are vegans better in bed?

Increased libido is something longterm vegan Pamela Anderson highlighted on social media recently, and even challenged Piers Morgan to try a vegan diet for that purpose. The actress tweeted to her 1.2 million followers:

“Vegans make better lovers. The cholesterol in meat, eggs, and dairy causes hardening of the arteries (and not much else).

“It slows blood flow to all the body’s organs, not just the heart. You can improve your overall health and increase stamina in the bedroom by going vegan.”

It’s safe to say Piers didn’t like this insinuation that his manhood didn’t perform well in the bedroom, and wasn’t on board with Anderson’s claims.

However, a third of men and a quarter of women questioned in the study reported a libido boost, so there may be truth to the claim!

Veg-eaters will make up 25% of the British population by 2025

An interesting find was that more than one in four vegans (29%) had adopted the diet in the past 12 months. This indicates two things. Firstly, the rise of veganism is exponential and will continue to increase more steeply over the next few years.

Moreover, the Vegan Society has predicted that vegans and vegetarians will make up a quarter of the British population by 2025.

Secondly, that the Covid-19 pandemic has played a significant role in the rise. In fact, 12% of adults (and 23% of those aged 16-24) said that the outbreak had made a vegan diet more appealing. With the threat of a bird flu pandemic on the horizon, it is no surprise that switching to plant-based foods is looking like the best option for many people.

Holland and Barrett’s nutritionist Emily Rollason has debunked some health concerns of vegans and non-vegans on the website, and you can read the full results of the study here

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