New documentary ‘I Could Never Go Vegan’ which explores the barriers to going plant-based will launch next month

Author: Maria Chiorando

Read Time:   |  1st November 2022

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'I Could Never Go Vegan' features a number of prolific plant-based dieters, including George Monbiot and Olympic silver medallist Dotsie Bausch among others.


A new vegan documentary which addresses the barriers to going plant-based will debut next month.

I Could Never Go Vegan explores the various common arguments against veganism, why they exist, and whether they are justified.

It boasts interviews with a range of prolific plant-based proponents, including George Monbiot, Dr Melanie Joy, Olympic silver medallist Dotsie Bausch and powerlifting champion Sophia Ellis, and pig vet and animal rights activist Dr Alice Brough among others.

Also featured are plant-based health experts including Dr Shireen Kassam, Dr Alan Desmond, and Dr Gemma Newman, and foodies The Happy Pear.

Additionally, slaughterhouse workers, farmers, and food professionals are interviewed as the filmmakers grapple with the reasons people refuse to stop eating animals.

To mark World Vegan Day, co-producers, brothers Thomas and James Pickering have released the film‘s trailer.


‘I Could Never Go Vegan’

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, co-producer, James Pickering, said: “We created I Could Never Go Vegan to address common themes, myths and misconceptions around veganism, in a way that will draw interest from even the staunchest meat eater.

“The documentary is an eye-opening look into the key barriers preventing people from reducing their intake of animal products, and what will happen if we continue to eat meat at the current rate of consumption.

“It’s a must-see for all – whether you’re already vegan, a flexitarian, or think you could never give up steak.”

‘Is there any justification?’

Thomas Pickering added: “I’ve never eaten meat. But it seems every other day a new argument pops up against veganism. 

“Certain reasons started to pop up more frequently. Cheese. Bacon. Canines. The food’s terrible. It doesn’t help the planet. Humane slaughter. The list goes on.

“This led me on a path to find out why so many people had opposing views to the movement, and why these arguments exist in the first place. 

“In the film, we ask whether there’s any justification to them, or is there something else at play here?”

‘I Could Never Go Vegan’ is set for a release date of December 26, 2022.

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