M&S launches vegan pancake mix in time for Pancake Day

Read Time:   |  10th February 2021

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M&S has launched a ready-made vegan pancake mix, the Plant Kitchen Pancake Shaker, in time for Pancake Day.


Clear your diaries folks, Pancake Day is almost here!

With the UK still in what feels like a never-ending lockdown, there’s nothing better than the simple joy of a whole day dedicated to making pancakes.

For the first time, M&S has launched a ready-made vegan pancake mix, which just requires the addition of plant milk. The Plant Kitchen Pancake Shaker costs just £1 for a bottle which makes approximately 6 pancakes.

This is a really simple option for new vegans who may not know how to create vegan pancakes from scratch and is sure to become a cupboard staple.

The retailer suggests keeping it simple with a drizzle of lemon and fresh fruit, but why not go crazy and adorn your pancakes with every vegan-friendly spread and topping you can find?

M&S has already seen a 20% rise in Pancake Day sales up on last year, likely due to the fact that unfortunately all cafés and restaurants are closed this February.


Vegan at M&S

The new Pancake Shaker isn’t all that Plant Kitchen has to offer. M&S had us drooling over its Veganuary additions this year, with innovative launches such as the Salt Beef Pretzel Roll, Strawberry Cheesecake Slices, and even a vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie in the bakery.

Plant Kitchen also launched more mock meats last month, including vegan Chickenless Southern Fried Tenders which you “won’t be able to taste the difference” and ready-to-eat BBQ and Piri Piri No-Chicken Pieces. Moreover, the supermarket launched it’s first vegan cheeses for Veganuary in two varieties: Greek-style feta and classic cheddar.

M&S is fast becoming a go-to destination for UK vegans, and we aren’t surprised as the Plant Kitchen range just keeps on growing. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Plant Kitchen!

The Plant Kitchen Pancake Shaker is available in M&S stores now, for £1 per bottle.

If you prefer making your own pancake creations, here are 23 vegan pancake recipes for Pancake Day!

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