Morrisons is now selling enormous 1kg avocados

Morrisons is now selling enormous 1kg avocados

Read Time:   |  25th October 2019

Morrisons supermarket has brought back its gigantic 1kg avocado that’s three times the size of a regular avocado. 

morrisons 1kg avocado

Fans of avocado toast will be delighted to hear that Morrisons supermarket has brought back its massive 1kg Giant Torres Avocado which weighs three times as much as a normal avocado.

The gigantic avocados, which Morrisons is selling for £2 in the majority of its stores, take ten months to grow and can measure up to 25cm.

First launched in stores last year, the massive fruit is often dubbed the ‘Chameleon Avocado’ as the colour of its skin changes from green to black as it ripens.

High in calcium and “renowned for their distinctively creamy flavour”, the avocados also boast a 70% flesh to 30% stone ratio so customers can “enjoy three times more creamy goodness than that of a medium-sized avocado.”

Avocado Expert at Morrisons, Liam Hancock, said: “The Giant Torres Avocados were a huge hit with our customers last year so we’re delighted to be bringing them back. They are perfect for sharing or as an ingredient in meals such as avocado on toast.”

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