Moby proves vegan is for life with a ‘Vegan For Life’ neck tattoo

Read Time:   |  19th September 2019

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Moby, who has been vegan for 32 years, has just proved vegan really is for life with an eye-catching new tattoo.

moby vegan tattoo

Moby, the electronic artist who is well known for his staunch advocacy of animal rights, has been a vegan for over 30 years and has just proved vegan really is for life with an eye-catching new tattoo.

Taking to Instagram to unveil the new inking, which was done by celebrity tattoo artist and fellow vegan Kat Von D, he wrote:

“I’ve been a vegan for almost 32 years, so getting this tattoo seemed like a pretty safe bet. Also, working for animal rights and animal liberation is my life’s work. And to state the obvious, it’s a double entendre…thank you @thekatvond.”

Moby has been a vegan since his late teens and has often spoken about his decision to avoid all meat and animal products. The star is a vocal vegan activist, and as well as launching this new venture, he has been putting his 30 years of eating greens to use at his vegan restaurant in Silver Lake, California, called Little Pine, which donates all of its profits to charity.

Explaining in an interview with Rolling Stone why he is a vegan, the long-time animal lover said it was simple.

“I loved (and love) animals and I don’t want to be involved in anything that leads to or contributes to their suffering. At first this led me to give up beef and chicken. Then fish (if you’ve ever spent time with fish you realise pretty quickly that they feel pain and are much happier not being hooked or speared or netted),” he explained.

“Then I thought, “I don’t want to contribute to animal suffering. But the cows and chickens in commercial dairy and egg farms are pretty miserable, so why am I still eating milk and eggs?” So in 1987 I gave up all animal products and became a vegan.

“Simply so that I could eat and live in accordance with my beliefs that animals have their own lives, that they’re entitled to their own lives and that contributing to animal suffering is something that I don’t want to be a part of.”

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