Luxury fashion brand Valentino will be fur-free by 2022

Read Time:   |  20th May 2021

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Italian fashion house Valentino has made the commitment to be fur-free by 2022 as part of a new eco drive.

Luxury fashion brand Valentino has confirmed that it will be completely fur-free by 2022 as part of a new eco drive within the company.

This will involve closing its fur subsidiary, Valentino Polar, and instead focusing on cruelty-free materials for future collections.

CEO Jacopo Venturini explained: “The fur-free stance is perfectly in line with the values of our company. We are moving full-steam ahead in the research for alternative materials in view of greater attention to the environment for the upcoming collections.”

Valentino will be joining a growing number of luxury fashion houses ditching fur including Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Balenciaga and Prada to name a few.

Fashion brands have been quick to drop the cruel material following condemnation of fur in British Vogue last November, announcing fashion needs to “disown fur.”

Moreover, a recent YouGov poll showed that a whopping 93% of Brits are against wearing real animal fur, while 72% support a ban on fur sales.

Considering that the majority of Brits have a negative view of fur, it is about time that fur is banned for good.

While fur sales are still legal in the UK, we love that influential brands such as Valentino are setting a precedent for the future of fashion by ditching it, and we can’t wait for more to follow.

‘No kind shopper would buy it’

Speaking about Valentino going fur-free, PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said:

“Cheers went up at PETA HQ today at the news that even the fashion house that sewed mink fur on sneakers is changing with the times. At this rate, not a single designer will still be selling fur next year – and no wonder, since no kind shopper will buy it.”

‘A nail in the coffin for the cruel fur trade’

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Humane Society International (HSI) met with Valentino back in 2019 to discuss its fur policy, and now it seems their commitment to no longer using fur is finally coming to fruition.

PJ Smith, Director of Fashion Policy at HSUS explained: “Valentino understands that consumers want nothing to do with fur and are rewarding companies that take a stand against animal cruelty.

“Brands and retailers should rightfully align their policy with consumers’ values if they want to remain successful in a world that cares about animals and their welfare.”

Additionally, HSI Italy Director Martina Pluda added: “Valentino dropping fur is a major nail in the coffin for the cruel fur trade.

“Like so many other designers, Valentino knows that using fur makes brands look outdated and out of touch, and fur industry certification schemes are little more than the hollow PR spin of an industry that kills 100 million animals for fur a year.”

We hope that this is the start of a real fashion revolution and that fur becomes obsolete in the industry across the globe!

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