Lush releases vegan Valentine’s Day range full of new tongue in cheek products

Read Time:   |  4th January 2019

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Cruelty-free beauty brand Lush has just dropped its Valentine’s Day and it’s full of saucy, tongue-in-cheek products that will get you in the mood for romance this month. 

lush valentines day

Christmas may only just have ended but Lush Cosmetics is feeling in the mood for romance as it has just dropped it’s Valentine’s Day range, which is jam-packed with cheekily named and shaped products.

Smartphone users are no strangers to the alternative uses for the Peach and Aubergine emojis, and Lush are certainly feeling fruity with their latest product releases as they’ve taken inspiration to create bath bombs shaped to mimic the emojis.

lush valentines day

Image credit: @daniel_james_campbell/Instagram

First up is the Aubergine bath bomb which is made from uplifting bergamot, fruity ho wood and saucy litsea cubeba to help you enjoy a saucy soak. The company describe the tongue in cheek product as shooting “green and blue foam from both ends so you can give someone the gift of a fast fizzing tip this Valentine’s Day.”

Next up is the peach-scented Peachy bath bomb, which will wrap you in bursts of juicy grapefruit, fresh peach juice and sweet davana to gently cleanse and refresh after a fruity session.

lush valentines day

Image credit: Lush Nottingham/Instagram

Fans of Lush’s popular limited edition Christmas soap, Golden Pear, will be pleased to hear the company has released a bubble bar (or Bubble Bra in this case!) in this mouth-watering scent that pays homage to Madonna’s famous cone-shaped bra. The Open Your Heart bubble bar is packed with spicy cardamom and sensual sandalwood bubble bar, perfect for sharing a candlelit soak.

lush valentines day

American Cream conditioner is one of Lush’s most popular hair products, but sadly it’s not suitable for vegans meaning we normally can’t enjoy the sweet vanilla strawberry milkshake scent. However, this Valentine’s Day the company is releasing a range of vegan-friendly products in the scent, including a shower gel (both naked and solid options are available), body conditioner and a naked body conditioner to keep your skin feeling perfectly strokeable.

Another favourite Christmas scent featured as a brand new product in the Valentine’s Day line is Yog Nog, which appears as a glittery golden reusable bubble bar called Love Token. Pine and clove-scented bubbles will fill your bathroom with the rich aroma of homemade biscuits, as evocative ginger, reminiscent of warm nights by the fire, lingers on the skin.

lush valentines day

Keeping with the phallic them, Lush have added a beautiful banana-shaped massage bar, The Big Banana, to ensure your skin is soft and supple this winter. Describing the product, Lush states: “Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it. Hydrating Fair Trade cocoa and shea butters melt, as your skin, and the night, heat up. Spicy clove bud oil and refreshing Brazilian orange oil will help stimulate and rejuvenate so you can go again and again.”

lush valentines day

One of the naughtiest products in the range this year is the Six Reusable Bubble Bar, which shares the spicy clove scent found in the Love Token bubble bar. Shaped like a six and available in two colours, Lush recommends buying two because ‘whichever way you look at it, someone’s always happy!’.

According to Lush: ‘Whether you hold it by its tail or pop a finger in the hole, just get it under running water, pop the rest on the side, then lie back and discover the joy of six.’

lush valentines day

Popular products from previous years such as Unicorn Horn and Love Boat will also be returning to the range.

Cruelty-free credentials 

Whilst not all of Lush’s products are vegan (although the majority of their new launches are increasingly suitable for vegans), Lush is dedicated to fighting animal testing, and often campaigns against the farming and trading of fur. The company celebrates the achievements of others who are working to find alternative options to testing on animals in an annual celebratory campaign, where they award a prize to influential people in areas such as science, research, and campaigning.

Check out the full range of products here.

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