Liverpool FC asks fans to take the ‘Meat-free Matchdays’ pledge with Quorn

Read Time:   |  18th January 2021

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Liverpool Football Club has stepped up its 'Reds go Green' initiative with a new 'Meat-free Matchdays' pledge to encourage fans to eat more sustainably.

Last year, Quorn became Liverpool Football Club’s Offical Sustainable Protein Partner. But this year, the premier-league champions are taking it one step further with a new ‘Meat-free Matchdays’ pledge.

This pledge is a bold move which will counter the traditional meaty matchday snacks such as pies, burgers and hotdogs, and will probably ruffle a few feathers amongst fans. However, with support from the team’s key players, it will hopefully inspire more sustainable diet changes.

Players Jordan Henderson, Alex Oxlade-Chaimberlain and Xherdan Shaqiri discussed the environmental and physical benefits of eating less meat in a video uploaded to the team’s Facebook page.

While they admitted that they eat meat ‘most days’, during the video they learnt about the shocking environmental benefits of switching to meat-free options like Quorn. In fact, ‘the capacity of Anfield stadium swapping their beef mince for Quorn mince each premier league home game could save the greenhouse gas emissions to power over 500 households for a year’.

The players also mentioned teammate Nat Phillips who recovered from a serious ankle injury through switching to a vegan diet. Quorn has shown that plant-based protein is equivalent to animal protein for muscle synthesis, making a meat-free diet perfect for professionals as well as fans.

‘Make positive contributions’

Billy Hogan, managing director and chief commercial officer at Liverpool FC, said:

“As a leading provider of sustainable meat-free products in the UK, Quorn will be a key partner in the club’s sustainability efforts. In this case, Quorn will help us provide our supporters with more sustainable food alternatives on matchdays.

“We look forward to providing a platform to help our fans, employees and playing staff make positive contributions to tackling climate change while at the same time considering their health and wellbeing.”

While it is highly unlikely that all Liverpool fans will be making the swap, even if just a small percentage do, it will have a significant and positive impact on the environment. A small step now can have a big impact on the future.

They have been making meat-free products for many years, but is Quorn vegan?

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