A vegan animal sanctuary is on a mission to save bull calves from slaughter, but they need your help!

Read Time:   |  21st November 2017

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The Lisa James Animal Sanctuary is on a mission to save bull calves from a slaughterhouse, and is fundraising to help with the cost of caring for the animals. 

A vegan animal sanctuary is on a mission to save bull calves from slaughter, but they need your help!

A vegan animal sanctuary is on a mission to save bull calves from slaughter, but they need your help!

Lisa James opened her animal sanctuary a few years back with her brother Matt who takes on the manual labour jobs after deciding she wanted to look after and take care of sick and injured horses. Lisa had always loved horses, but was saddened to know that there are so many that get mistreated.

She started with caring for one horse, then along came another, and before she knew it she had her own little horse sanctuary which has grown into a farm sanctuary.

The sanctuary is now home to an assortment of rescued animals, all of which were saved from neglect, abuse and slaughter. The sanctuary also has a small number of horses that were just in need of a forever home, which she gladly gave.

Vegan family-run

The sanctuary is run by a vegan family, who have followed the lifestyle for many years, and who don’t agree with any exploitation towards any animal. This passion for animal welfare is one of the main reasons they made the change from being a horse sanctuary to a farm sanctuary where all animals are welcome.


The sanctuary relies on a mixture of donations and personal funds to keep the animals well-fed and watered, but unfortunately that’s not always possible.

The monthly feed expense alone can be around £1000, and that’s not including farrier for 17 horses, vet, dentist, medications and everything else that is needed for the animals in their care in this sanctuary.

Speaking about the sanctuary, owner Lisa James said:

“We have an assortment of animals here, we have horses, sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks and of course our new arrivals the 6 bull calves which we have recently saved from slaughter. Moving forward our plan is just to continue with what we are doing, rescuing as many animals as we possibly can and giving them a safe, happy and free future. Obviously donations are the key for us the same as any other sanctuary and rescue, without the generosity and kindness of the general public we wouldn’t be able to continue saving lives. Looking after and saving animals is my passion, I’ve always been an animal lover, from a very young age I wanted to work with animals and I am fulfilling my dream. I have been a vegan for many years and my drive and passion is more than ever to try my hardest in saving more and more unfortunate animals that deserve to live a free from harm natural life.”

Bull calves

The sanctuary has recently taken in 6 bull calves which were saved from slaughter.  These beautiful boys are 3 weeks old and are in need of a lot of care. Lisa James is now fundraising to help pay towards their milk and feed as the young calves have large, healthy appetites, which comes at great expense.

The sanctuary are asking for the help, kindness and generosity of the general public to donate what you can and please share their fundraising page to ensure the calves get the best care possible.

If you’d like to support the Lisa James Animal Sanctuary in their mission, you can do by donating to their fundraiser here

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