Lewis Hamilton says his dog Roscoe is ‘fully vegan’ and ‘super happy’

Read Time:   |  8th July 2020

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Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has revealed that his beloved British Bulldog Roscoe is thriving on a vegan diet


Lewis Hamilton is a passionate advocate for plant-based diets, so much so that he has shared that his dog Roscoe is now eating a vegan diet.

His furry companion has suffered from health issues in the past which are common amongst the breed thanks to inbreeding which leaves them with notoriously poor health in pursuit of characterises such as their flat faces which are seen to be desirable.

Sharing the news via Instagram stories on Roscoe’s dedicated Instagram page to more than 178k followers, Hamilton wrote: “Hey guys, so Roscoe is now fully vegan.

“Since he has gone vegan, his coat is much softer, his swollen paws have healed up, he is no longer limping with the pain of arthritis and his breathing has opened up. Super happy with the result and he is too.”

Can dogs eat a vegan diet?

For many vegans, deciding what to feed our companion animals can be a contentious issue with many unsure as to whether a do can survive and thrive without meat.

According to animal rights charity PETA, dogs can follow a plant-based diet with  ‘the right planning and care’, but that care should be taken to ‘ensure that their nutritional requirements are met’, as is true of a non-vegan diet too.

PETA also notes that many non-vegan dogs foods contain the same hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics that are found in commercial meat products for humans, as well as other toxic additives that are often not discovered ‘until it’s too late’.

Disturbingly, supermarket pet foods often contain the body parts of animals deemed unfit for human consumption by health officials as animals who are either ‘dead, dying, diseased, or disabled’ are used.

According to PETA, “Dogs require two amino acids, L-carnitine and taurine”, ingredients that are often added as supplements in vegan dogs foods to ensure our canine companions are getting all the nutrients they need from their diet.

The charity said that many dogs can enjoy good health and a long life on a vegan diet, using the example of 27-year-old border collie Bramble “whose vegan diet of rice, lentils, and organic vegetables earned her consideration by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living dog in 2002.”

If you’re planning to transition your dog to a plant-based diet then please make sure you consult with your vet to ensure the change is healthy for your dog.

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