NFL star Justin Fields hails plant-based diet – ‘best thing I could do for my body’

Read Time:   |  1st September 2022

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Chicago Bears' Justin Fields won't be going back to eating meat anytime soon, as he praises the health benefits of eating plant-based


Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields has hailed the benefits of a plant-based diet and encouraged those thinking of ditching meat to follow their instincts.

The NFL star transitioned to a plant-based diet while in quarantine during his final year at Ohio State. 

Justin Fields’ diet

In an interview with GQ, Fields said: “Going plant-based was one of the best things I could do for my body. It just makes my body feel good overall. 

“I noticed the difference right away, a few weeks I would say, and that made it way easier to continue down the plant-based path…

“After seeing the differences in my body and recovery, it just became very natural. Honestly, the new plant-based options they have out there do the trick when you’re craving a good burger every now and then.”

Fields added that going plant-based shortened his recovery time and helped tackle inflammation – benefits that ‘shocked’ his trainers.

Added to which, nowadays there’s no shortage of high-protein vegan snacks to enjoy post-workout.

‘It was easy’

When asked for advice for people wanting to cut meat out of their diets, he said: “I would say just go for it. It was hard for me the first couple of weeks but after I get used to it, it was easy.”

Now, Fields’ diet consists of healthy vegan dishes such as avocado on toast and açaí bowls – as well as the occasional plant-based ice cream bars from KIND for a treat.

He also recommends visiting Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat whenever he’s in Chicago.

Despite vegans regularly being asked the question ‘where do you get your protein from?’, Fields is just one of a long list of athletes who have gone vegan.

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