JUST Egg to launch in Europe by the end of 2021

Read Time:   |  6th May 2021

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California-based JUST Egg should be on supermarket shelves in Europe by the end of 2021 if all goes to plan.


If you follow any American vegan foodies, you’ll know about JUST Egg.

The vegan egg replacement is made from mung bean protein and comes in liquid form, cooking up just like a real egg in scrambles, omelettes, quiches and bakes.

After launching in the US Market in 2019, the product exploded in popularity as a realistic alternative to eggs.

Now, the brand aims to bring its egg replacement to Europe and become the “most consumed egg in the world”.

CEO Josh Tetrick explained the benefits of JUST Egg:

“It is more healthy, you don’t need the chicken. In order to eat an animal, you need to slaughter, you need to use antibiotics, you need to tear down the rainforest. Or maybe this used to be the case, it’s not anymore.”

Cultured chicken

The brand behind JUST Egg, Eat Just, has also developed other innovative animal product replacements.

Aside from liquid ‘egg’, the company also produces vegan mayonnaise and recently developed cultured chicken.

Cultured meat (creating meat using animal cells grown in bioreactors) has been in the works for several years around the globe, and now the Californian brand has ‘cracked’ it.

The company’s cultured ‘chicken bites’ have just hit the market in Singapore, after passing a safety review in December 2020.

Tetrick explained the decision to work on cultured meat: “My hope is this leads to a world in the next handful of years where the majority of meat doesn’t require killing a single animal or tearing down a single tree.”

While some vegans and vegetarians argue that lab-grown meat is not cruelty-free, dozens of companies are racing to develop cultured chicken, beef and pork. In their view, the production of lab-grown meat will slash the impact of traditional animal agriculture on the climate crisis, and create healthier, cleaner meat.

Vegan egg replacements in the UK

If you’re looking for egg replacements before JUST Egg hits EU shelves, there are plenty to be found in major supermarkets.

Options on the market include:

  • Crack’d (liquid egg replacer made from pea protein perfect for frittatas, omelettes, Yorkshire puddings and cakes)
  • Follow Your Heart VeganEgg (powdered egg replacement made from soya, ideal for bakes and binding.)
  • Oggs Aquafaba (liquid aquafaba aka chickpea water whips up like egg whites and is great for baking)

Other great egg replacements are mashed banana, applesauce, chia seeds and flax seeds. You don’t need a fancy product to do some delicious vegan baking!

We can’t wait to see JUST Egg on supermarket shelves, and vegan replacements become even more normalised.

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