Jonathan Ross tells Loose Women he is vegan to ‘help save the planet’

Read Time:   |  29th December 2020

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British television presenter and comedian Jonathan Ross has revealed he is now vegan in order to 'help save the planet'.


Presenter and comedian Jonathan Ross revealed in an interview on Loose Women that he has given up meat and dairy this year, along with his wife Jane.

The 60-year-old told Ruth Langsford “this year we went vegan, so this is my first year as vegans, me and Jane, to try and help save the planet.”

More and more celebrities are making the connection between eating animal products and the climate crisis, and that is exactly what we need to initiate change.

Although Ross only became vegan this year, he has expressed his support for initiatives such as Meat Free Monday in the past. Three years ago, the presenter shared a tweet with his followers which read: ‘No meat for me on Monday. Makes sense’.

Ross is also tee-total, having given up alcohol to improve his health. In the interview, he admitted, “I really like non-alcoholic pale ale so I will have one to start in the morning and then I feel like I am joining in with everyone else.”

Influenced by a puppy?

Ross also showed off his new puppy Spooky in the interview, a tiny Brussels Griffon. It is possible that aside from environmental concerns, the presenter was also convinced to stop eating animals by making such a close connection with his puppy.

Realising that there is no real difference in sentience between an animal we perceive as a ‘pet’ and one we perceive as ‘food’ can be the moment that leads you towards veganism.

Ross told the Loose Women, “We’re so in love with him. I even bought him his own Christmas present.

“I had some candles made that say his name on it and it says: ‘Happy Christmas from mummy and daddy’.”

Boasting 5 million Twitter followers, we hope he can influence even more people to try a vegan diet for the planet, the animals, and for public health.

With more and more people slowly waking up to the impact of animal farming on the planet, do you think climate change education should be mandatory in schools?

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