Jason Momoa launches sustainable vegan sneakers made from algae

Read Time:   |  1st March 2021

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Actor Jason Momoa has teamed up with climbing apparel brand So iLL to release vegan sneakers made from algae.


Aquaman star Jason Momoa has just launched two limited-edition vegan sneakers made from algae as part of his collaboration with climbing brand So iLL.

Companies are increasingly offering innovative alternatives to leather made using everything from cactuses to apples, but Momoa and So iLL have enlisted the help of BLOOM to create the new sustainable kicks.

BLOOM is on a mission to help maintain healthy ecosystems and reduce water pollution by turning ecologically harmful algae bloom into sustainable materials that can be used in a variety of useful products.

Algae might be a great addition to our diets, however, when left to grow, algae bloom wreaks havoc on delicate ecosystems as it blocks the sunlight from reaching fish and plants and consumes the oxygen levels in the water.


The new eco-friendly Unity Purple and Yaya Lavender Roamers have launched as part of the iLL x On the Roam collection and feature an organic cotton upper, with a top layer of cork, and biodegradable outsoles. 

To ensure that the vegan sneakers break down in landfill if disposed of, the rubber outsoles have been mixed with Eco Pure, an enzyme that helps break down the material and cut down on decomposition time.

To provide comfortable support for your feet, the brand has used algae insoles instead of synthetic plastic foam insoles which are typically used in sneakers. 

Announcing the collaboration on his Instagram page, Momoa wrote: “A new way to roam. We’re introducing two new limited edition models as part of the So iLL x On The Roam Collection, by Jason Momoa.

“The Unity Purple and Yaya Lavender Roamers feature an organic cotton upper, @bloomfoam algae insoles with a top layer of cork, and biodegradable outsoles. We’re all in this together. Available for preorder now.”


Plastic pollution

Momoa is passionate about reducing plastic waste and protecting the planet and launched his own plastic-free water company, Mananalu, in a bid to tackle the issue. Instead of packaging water in plastic bottles, Mananalu uses recyclable aluminium cans as it is easily recycled but also breaks down if it finds its way into the sea.

The actor also famously shaved off his trademark beard to help raise awareness of the devastating plastic pollution the planet is facing. In the video, Momoa said: “I just want to do this to bring awareness that plastic is killing our planet. And I think I have a solution.”

The vegan sneakers are available to pre-order now and will ship in June. Shop the collection at soillholds.com

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