Award-winning actor James Cromwell meets rescue pig who fell off a meat lorry and names him ‘Babe’

Author: Liam Gilliver

Read Time:   |  11th April 2023

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Actor turned activist James Cromwell will help transfer the piglet to an animal sanctuary after the pair hit it off on a recent video call


Award-winning actor James Cromwell has virtually met an adorable piglet who escaped slaughter after falling off a meat lorry, and he’s named him ‘Babe’.

After learning how the adorable piglet was found scraped, bruised, and covered in mud – Cromwell reached out to PETA to see if the pair could be introduced.

Over video call, the Succession star named the baby boy Babe, inspired by the film that inspired Cromwell to go vegan 28 years ago.

‘Real-life Babe’

“Having had the privilege of witnessing and experiencing pigs’ intelligence and inquisitive personalities while filming the movie Babe changed my life and my way of eating, and so I jumped at the chance to save this real-life Babe,” said Cromwell

“Every pig deserves to live in peace and joy at a sanctuary, choosing when to frolic, where to forage, and how to spend their time, yet few do.”

After receiving a clean bill of health, Cromwell will help Babe get transferred to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. 

Cromwell was inspired to go vegan 28 years ago after starring in the hit movie 'Babe'. Photo © Universal Pictures/Handout via Getty Images

Cromwell was inspired to go vegan 28 years ago after starring in the hit movie 'Babe'. Photo © Universal Pictures/Handout via Getty Images


James Cromwell X Activism

Cromwell regularly uses his platform to advocate animal welfare – even if it comes at a cost. In 2017, the celeb was arrested during a SeaWorld protest in San Diego.

The outspoken actor took to the stage during a show called ‘Orca Encounter’ to talk about how animals have been mistreated and died at the amusement park.

PETA live streamed the video, and the footage shows Cromwell with a megaphone and proudly wearing a shirt that says ‘SeaWorld Sucks’, before being handcuffed and taken into custody.

You can help support Babe’s journey here.

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Featured image credit: Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

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