James Cameron backs new documentary exposing New Zealand’s dairy industry

Author: Molly Pickering

Read Time:   |  28th February 2022

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A new documentary titled 'MILKED' that exposes New Zealand's dairy industry has received backing from Director James Cameron and secured its $100k crowd-funding goal.


The latest dairy exposé feature-length documentary, MILKED, has smashed its fundraising target.

From the creators of Cowspiracy, the New Zealand-based documentary shines a light on the catastrophic effects the dairy industry has on our environment and the animals it exploits.

In addition to reaching its crowdfunding goals in just 12 days, Academy Award-winning director James Cameron has dubbed the documentary as a ‘wake-up call’.

Funds raised will contribute toward final edits, marketing the film, and creating an educational version that will be distributed to schools.

MILKED: White Lies in Dairy Land

MILKED follows a young activist, Chris Huriwai, as he investigates Aotearoa’s (Māori name for New Zealand) multi-billion-dollar dairy industry.

Huriwai travels across the country searching for the truth about how this source of national pride has become the nation’s biggest threat.

With the tagline ‘White Lies in Dairy Land’, the film aims to expose the reality of the dairy farming fairy-tale.

According to the documentary, the dairy industry alone is responsible for 23% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Director of the documentary, Amy Taylor, said: “We originally planned to investigate the environmental and health impacts of all animal agriculture in Aotearoa.

“But once we got further into researching, it was obvious that dairy was the story to tell.”

Taylor added: “We figured that, in Cowspiracy-style, we could make a documentary with me as the one-person film crew following Chris on a journey uncovering the truth.

“But what we uncovered was even more shocking than what we could have imagined.”

Source: MILKED

Source: MILKED

“A powerful wake-up call”

Although MILKED has only been premiered in New Zealand, the film has already made an impact on its viewers.

Legendary director James Cameron has praised the film, calling it “A powerful wake-up call that the world is getting milked”.

Additionally, Ali Tabrizi, Director of Netflix’s Seaspiracy, said: “A must-watch exposé into a shocking white lie we have all believed for too long.”

As more people are waking up to the reality of the dairy industry, we wonder what the fate of this outdated practice will be.

Click here to visit MILKED’s crowdfunding campaign.

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