Jack Monroe teams up with Twitter to create a no-waste cookbook for World Earth Day

Author: Elena Amoroso

Read Time:   |  20th April 2022

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No wasted food, no wasted paper, no wasted words: this World Earth Day Jack Monroe teams up with Twitter to create a no-waste cookbook to eradicate food waste.


To mark World Earth Day this week, chef and poverty activist Jack Monroe is working with Twitter to launch a no-waste cookbook.

This cookbook will be composed entirely of tweets and will be encouraging the Twitter community to partake and share their own recipes.

As the cost of living continues to rise, food budgeting is becoming more important to households.

Jack is calling on the Twitter community to engage and share their ideas on how to reduce food waste.

The hashtag #NoWasteCookBook is already active and has been widely received, with over 9,000 engagements already.

Jack Monroe says: “I’m delighted to be partnering with Twitter to create this crowdsourced digital ‘cookbook’ thread –  together we’ll be bringing simple, affordable, no-waste recipes to Tweeters worldwide.”No wasted ingredients, no wasted paper, and I’ll try not to waste any words!

“I hear from my readers every day at the moment that low-cost, canny, accessible meal ideas are more important than ever right now, with the cost of living bringing this to the fore quite sharply in recent weeks.

“I’m on hand to help people use up every last little scrap, fruit and veg peel, and get every part of your food into your bellies instead of into landfill – which is not only great for your budget, but good for the planet, too.”

This is the first cookbook that has the potential to be endless.

The ability to continue to add the hashtag means it can be updated even after the original post ages.

Jack Monroe announces the #NoWasteCookBook via Twitter

Jack Monroe announces the #NoWasteCookBook via Twitter


Food waste: what’s the big deal?

This issue goes beyond clearing out a few bad vegetables from the fridge.

Aside from wasting money and not being able to eat the produce, food waste has a large impact on the environment.

According to the UK charity WRAP, UK households are wasting 6.5 million tonnes of food each year, with 4.5 million of that being edible.

All of this food has used vital resources such as land and water to create, and to then waste the produce is a waste of those resources.

We can all do our part and make sure we’re using as much of our food as possible.

Undoubtedly the #NoWasteCookBook can be a great resource in helping us do so.

With more of these conversations emerging, it’s reaffirming to see social platforms engage and encourage sustainable movements for the good of the planet.

Head of Sustainability at Twitter, Sean Boyle, says: “Sustainable living is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, now more than ever. We’ve seen this is a prevalent conversation on Twitter, so we’re delighted to partner with Jack to engage with this topic further and create something that can help Tweeters in their day-to-day lives to make savings and avoid food waste.”

Make sure you’re getting the longest life out of your fresh produce & learn how to prevent food waste and keep it fresher for longer!

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