It’s official – Jammie Dodgers are now vegan following recipe change!

Read Time:   |  1st July 2020

Beloved British biscuit Jammie Dodgers has announced its iconic jam-filled snack is 100% vegan following a recipe change.

There are many accidentally vegan snacks on offer to us in the UK, but few have been able to fill the hole left by Jammie Dodgers when they announced in 2016 that their iconic jammy biscuits were no longer suitable for vegans following a recipe change.

The makers of the iconic British biscuit, Burton’s Biscuits, made the decision to add milk protein into the recipe in a bid to “improve flavour and texture” as well as reducing the sugar content by 22 per cent.

Fans were vocal in their disappointment that dairy had been added to these previously plant-based treats, and wondered why dairy was being reintroduced when so many companies were taking steps to remove it from their recipes.

Jammie Dodgers decided to reformulate the recipe once again to bring it back to its former vegan glory after noting that heartbroken fans were “ruining their brew with their salty tears”,

The new vegan Jammie Dodgers be rolling out to stores across the country from 13th July onwards with a new darker coloured packet design and logo to make it easier for people to spot which packs are suitable for vegans.

The new vegan-friendly biscuits will be packaged in new darker packaging (shown above the old packaging) to make them easy to spot.

The new vegan-friendly biscuits will be packaged in new darker packaging (shown above the old packaging) to make them easy to spot.

Jammie Dodger vegan packaging

As well as changing the recipe to make it suitable for vegans, Jammie Dodgers have also given their packaging a vegan makeover too.

Making it easier to identify, the new vegan biscuits are now available in darker-coloured packaging so they can be easily identified on the supermarket shelves and feature the slogan: “No Nasty Stuff! We’re Jammie Enough!”

Following the announcement that Jammie Dodgers are vegan once again, fans took to social media to celebrate, with one happy fan saying: “THIS HAS MADE MY DAY!”

Another person who clearly missed their Jammie Dodger-fix wrote: “I owe you with my life.”

Speaking about the recipe change in a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Kate Needham, Marketing Director at Burtons Biscuits, said: “We have listened to our biscuit fans and are pleased to announce that we’ve moved once again to a dairy-free recipe.

“Family fun is at the Jammie heart of our brand, so it’s important to us that the whole family – and families of all lifestyles – can share a pack. Thanks to the new recipe, we’re happy that will now be more possible.

“But that’s not all, with our household classic seeing a surge in popularity, you can expect to see lots more fun and mischief coming from the UK’s favourite Jammie biscuit brand going forwards! It’s an exciting time to be a Jammie Dodger fan.”

The new Jammie Dodgers are available nationwide from w/c 13th July 2020.

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