The International vegan flag has launched

Read Time:   |  10th July 2017

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A team of designers have created a new International vegan flag that shows our love as vegans to the Earth, and our battle to a create better and cleaner world. 

The International vegan flag has launched

How it all began

In 2017 Gad Hakimi, a senior designer in a hi-tech company who graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, collected materials from many of the vegan associations around the world.  Gad examined what form of branding would encompass the entire concept of veganism. The result was clear – we needed a flag.

Speaking to Tivonews, Gad explained how the idea came to him:

“I wanted to give from myself and my abilities to promote veganism. I have created a vegan superhero comic. The one thing I lacked was a flag, which will guide the character, his identity and his colours. I have searched the web for a flag and found nothing, besides a few sketches which were designed unprofessionally and were not promoted. They didn’t follow the basic rules of creating a flag. I have then decided to design a flag by myself, the same way like the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement. The flag will be identified with all the vegans, first as a concept, and then as mainstream.”

The International vegan flag has launched

Photo: Robert Gipson

Designing the flag

Every important movement in history has a powerful and memorable flag, but until now vegans have only used symbols which can vary from country to country. Gad analysed many guidelines for creating a flag, and on May 16th 2017 he was joined by a fellow activists, who are members of the Vegan Flag Facebook group, to polish the final design.

Originally, some members of the group suggested that animals should be featured on the flag, with red colours featuring prominently in memorial of the slaughtered. However, the group eventually concluded that a vegan flag is not about animals. It’s about humans and animals being equal, and the new direction they took was a flag that uses green to show our love as vegans to the Earth, and blue to symbolise our battle to a create better and cleaner world in every aspect.

The International vegan flag is free for use by all

The creators of the International vegan flag have designed the flag as an open source, free enterprise to use and distribute, so everyone who wants to can use it for free as they see fit. From bumper stickers to fridge magnets, tea towels, bath towels, baby clothes, shopping bags, mouse mats and anywhere else your imagination takes you!

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