Hourglass Cosmetics pledges to go fully vegan by 2020

Read Time:   |  3rd November 2017

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Luxury beauty brand Hourglass Cosmetics has announced that it’ll be pulling the plug on using any animal products in its products.

Hourglass Cosmetics pledges to go fully vegan by 2020

Hourglass, a brand of cruelty-free makeup and cosmetic products, has just announced its commitment to phasing out all animal products, making its range with entirely vegan-friendly ingredients by 2020.

The brand already has a range of vegan-friendly products, as well as some that contain non-vegan ingredients, but aren’t tested on animals.

At the moment, the brand is promoting a campaign in partnership with the Nonhuman Rights Project, donating all proceeds from their vegan leather makeup bags to help the organisation to fight for legal protections for animals.

As a #crueltyfree brand we’re proud to announce our goal is to be 100% #vegan by 2020. #WorldVeganDay #hourglasscosmetics

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‘Luxury is a combination of innovation and integrity,’ says Hourglass Cosmetics CEO, Carisa James. ‘Our values have always been exemplified in our commitment to creating cruelty-free products.

‘If we are truly committed to being 100% cruelty-free, we shouldn’t have animal-derived ingredients in our products.’

As a result, the brand has committed to finding alternatives for beeswax, lanolin (wax secreted from sheep), and carmine (red dye from ground insect bodies) to make the new range vegan-friendly.

According to Glossy, the “the brand is asking experts in the bio-tech space to find new ingredients that don’t sacrifice quality.” As there is an extensive range of existing completely vegan cosmetic and beauty products, this is should be an easy swap. Janes adds “[t]he majority of our products are already vegan, so this will be a natural evolution.”


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