Heura wins legal battle against meat industry over environmental claim “one hamburger pollutes more than your car”

Read Time:   |  30th April 2021

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Spanish plant-based meat brand Heura has won a legal battle against the meat industry over the environment claim that 'one hamburger pollutes more than your car'.


In November 2020, plant-based alternative brand Heura released a controversial campaign that read “One hamburger pollutes more than your car”.

The giant billboard was positioned in central Madrid and was potentially seen by thousands of people before it was taken down just one month later.

Heura was sued by the Spanish meat industry, which argued that the claims were inaccurate and misleading.

However, this week the court has rejected the meat industry’s claims, ruling that:

“Heura’s advertising messages have a scientific basis and are extracted from scientific reports and studies issued by prestigious publications and organizations, such as Science, Nature or FAO.”

This means that Heura has won the battle against the meat industry, and can continue with its environmental activism to help to build a future of sustainable food systems.

‘A great step for everyone’

Speaking in a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living, Bernat Añaños, Co-founder of Heura explained:

“The dismissal of the precautionary measures by the justice system is a great step for everyone; information is power, and awareness is transformative.

“People tend to underestimate the great positive impact that we can have on the world with small gestures. We are thrilled to be able to continue contributing via awareness and citizen empowerment.

“We must celebrate the decision as yet another opportunity to open dialogue and build a future of sustainable food.”

‘Thanks to everyone who joined forces’

Writing on Instagram, Heura added:

“This step is not ours it is from all the companies, projects, organisations and people who are pushing for a plant-based future. Thanks to everyone who joined forces and gave us support in this trial.

“This is the first step, but it’s a very important one to assure we can continue spreading the impact meat has on the environment, health and animals.”

As Heura exclaimed, this is a huge win for the vegan alternative industry, which is still under threat from the proposed plant-based dairy ban in Europe.

We hope that this ruling in favour of displaying the true environmental cost of animal-based products is the start of real change in advertising. Vive la plant-based revolution!

Heura is currently only available in mainland Europe, but we hope it makes its way over to the UK soon!

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