Spanish startup Heura to launch ‘world’s healthiest’ vegan burger in the UK

Read Time:   |  30th October 2020

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Spanish startup Heura is launching a plant-based burger in the UK with 64% less fat than beef.


Barcelona-based startup Heura is launching its meat-free burger in the UK following its roaring success in Spain and the Netherlands.

The plant-based Heura Burger, which is set to be the healthiest on the market, contains just 6.5g of fat making it 64% lower in fat than traditional beef patties. This is thanks to the development of a fat substitute made using extra virgin olive oil.

Not only that, the burger has 11.3% more protein per calorie than beef patties making it a great option for those looking to swap out meat for high-protein plant-based alternatives.

Made from a base of pea protein and vegetable fibre, the new burger is also said to be more sustainable than other vegan burgers by using olive oil instead of coconut or palm oils which are used by their competitors to replicate the juiciness of meat.


Low fat

One of Heura’s unique selling points for the burger is that it contains 40% fewer ingredients than the market average and a drastically lower saturated fat content than beef.

Lorena Salcedo, New Product Development Manager at Heura, explained how the brand came to use extra virgin olive oil saying, “When we visualize the fat from a burger or the coconut oil in the supermarket, they are solid. This is because they both have high contents of saturated fat.

“We had to reproduce that with an oil that is liquid (monounsaturated) and minimise its use to reduce the amount of fat on the burger. We have analyzed both structures separately, the beef burger one and extra virgin olive oil to get the experience of one from the nutritional values of the other. When you see the essence of what you really need it’s easy to see the most efficient way to get there.”

‘Leaves livestock obsolete’

“Accelerating protein transition is my passion and it is in technology where I find solutions,” said Heura co-founder and CEO Marc Coloma.

“Pioneers in the plant-based industry have always been our inspiration and we hope that this innovation boosts the plant-based meat category worldwide and leaves livestock obsolete.”

The burger will be available from TheVeganKind online supermarket and Planet Organic stores in London from the end of November, priced at £3.99.

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