It’s time to make Britain Foie Gras-free!

Read Time:   |  28th June 2017

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Join Animal Equality in demanding an import ban on Foie Gras and help bring an end to this cruel trade in Britain. 


Foie Gras is the diseased liver of ducks and geese. To produce it these birds are brutally fattened up using a feeding tube that is forced down their throats. Their liver swells to ten times its natural size.

This force-feeding is so cruel that foie gras production is banned in the UK and many other countries. Yet, it is still legal to import and sell foie gras in Britain, with shops such as Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and many local delis still stocking it.

Animal Equality investigations in France and Spain have revealed the extreme suffering that millions of ducks and geese endure on foie gras farms.

Products that are too cruel to produce here should not be sold here. We now have the opportunity to join Animal Equality to help bring an end to this cruel trade in Britain.


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