Heather Mills launches vegan and cruelty-free makeup range

Read Time:   |  14th February 2019

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Heather Mills, athlete, entrepreneur and owner of VBites, has announced the launch of a collection of ‘truly, truly vegan’ cosmetic products.

UPDATED: 4th November 2019 to mark the release of the range online. 

Athlete, entrepreneur and owner of vegan food brand VBites, Heather Mills, has announced the launch of a brand new range of vegan and cruelty-free makeup designed in collaboration with former model Milena Thacker – Be at One.

Be-at-one has now launched online to mark World Vegan Month and the 75th birthday of The Vegan Society and has been specially designed for vegetarians and vegans to ‘ensure that nothing dead is being unintentionally put on their face’.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Heather said: “Many women have absolutely no idea that many cosmetics are manufactured to contain gelatin, to give a product extra elasticity

“But when they learn what it is that they are actually applying to their face they are frequently shocked by this ‘beauty and the beasts’ discovery.”

The be-at-one range, which is available exclusively online, designed to be gentle, beautiful and nourishing on the skin without using any animal derivatives.

Milena Thacker, who has directed the formulation of the brand, said: “Our quest for vegan ingredients has not compromised the professional standard and beauty of the brand. In fact, it has only added to its quality and appeal.

“I’ve worked with make-up my entire career. Be-at-one is exceptional in the way it looks and feels on the skin. And it outperforms most other make-up on the market without using any animal products.”

Be-at-one is sponsoring Viva! with 10% of sales going to the celebrated vegan charity.

Find out more at www.be-at-one.com

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