Heather Mills offers free vegan burger alternatives to beef-free Goldsmiths University

Read Time:   |  21st August 2019

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Plant-based entrepreneur Heather Mills has offered Goldsmiths University campus at least 1,000 beef-free vegan burger alternatives, following their campus-wide ban on beef sales. 

Heather Mills Vegan Burgers Goldsmiths University

Owner of V-Bites foods, investor in all things ethical, and driven vegan entrepreneur, Heather Mills, has vowed to donate at least 1,000 beef-free burger alternatives to London-based Goldsmiths University campus following their commitment to banning the sale of beef to fight climate change.

The announcement from Heather is a positive reaction to Goldsmiths’ decision to ditch beef sales, alongside other environmentally-sound measures, in order to reach their goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. The University is also cracking down on single-use plastics, and utilising natural energy-saving methods by installing solar panels, to help them along their way to total sustainability.

In a previous comment to Vegan Food and Living, Executive Director at Humane Society International UK, Claire Bass, commented on Goldsmith’s move, stating: “Serving fewer meaty meals helps universities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve their animal welfare credentials, so we are delighted to see Goldsmiths taking such decisive action.”


The concerns over beef, and meat consumption in general, with regards to the health of the environment, have become more apparent over the past few years. Fuelled by terrifying reports from the UN and shocking statistics of impending global crisis from climate scientists, the public have become increasingly concerned over the dangers of consuming a diet rich meat.

In a statement to Plant Based News regarding the offer of her V-Bites burgers to the beef-less University, Heather added: “I totally applaud this inspirational move by Professor Corner and I completely support her stand. She is absolutely right, empty words will not tackle the climate emergency, action is what is needed, and I have been saying this for 20 years.”

She continues “That’s why I am prepared to donate at least 1,000 vegan burgers in order to help students and staff at Goldsmiths ease into a plant-based way of eating which is so much less damaging to the planet.”

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