The ‘happiest man in the world’ believes veganism is the key to a happy life

Read Time:   |  24th March 2017

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A Tibetan Buddhist monk who has been described as ‘the happiest man in the world’ has said that adopting a vegan diet is his secret to lasting happiness. 

Matthieu Ricard, who lives on a monastery in Nepal, was given the moniker by scientists after he took part in a 12-year study into meditation and compassion at the University of Wisconsin.

To reach the conclusion that Ricard is the world’s happiest man, neuroscientist Richard Davidson monitored the monk, attaching him to 256 sensors as he meditated.

Davidson discovered that Ricard’s brain produced a level of gamma waves – which are linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory – that had never before been reported in scientific studies.

Now the happy monk claims that eating with a clear conscience is his top tip to achieving a peaceful life.

“I am extremely concerned by the fate of the 8 million other species who share this world with us, and who, like us, wish to avoid suffering and live out their lives,” Ricard told animal rights organisation PETA.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

He went on to say that “When you ask people, ‘are you in favour of justice and morality’, everyone will say yes. Do you think, you could then ask, that is it just and moral to inflict unnecessary suffering on sentient beings? And that’s exactly the case, because today this suffering is not necessary.”

Highlighting the damage the meat industry causes, Ricard concludes saying: “True happiness can only be attained when we avoid causing pain to others, so please become vegan like me.”

Sources: Evening Standard, Rise of the Vegan

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