Vegan deli Hank’s to open a fully vegan supermarket in Ipswich

Author: Victoria Smith

Read Time:   |  6th May 2020

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Huge success for Hank’s Deli as they collect the keys for their next venture: a fully vegan supermarket in Ipswich. After that, a vegan fast food joint is on the cards...


Located in Ipswich, Suffolk, Hank’s already operates two fully vegan businesses: a deli and café, and a vegan pub. Unfortunately, in accordance with the government’s lockdown both these ventures had to close their doors until further notice, after the latter was only in operation for a few months. However, owner Geoffrey Bligh had a new idea – to pull in more stock to the deli and set it up as a mini-warehouse to deliver vegan products around the Ipswich area.

Their deli has been overflowing with stock for weeks now, and their delivery service has been so well-received that they will now be opening a vegan supermarket to house and sell the huge variety of vegan items they have been procuring. The range of items available spans from regular daily essentials to foreign vegan brands previously unavailable in the UK. Before Hank’s opened their doors, the vegan scene in Ipswich was pretty bleak, and their success has created a wave of positivity for the vegan community as a whole.

Once the supermarket is up and running, Bligh intends to work with local businesses and suppliers to support the network of independent shops across Suffolk. Moreover, the supermarket will endeavour to focus on more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. For example, they already provide loose produce and drop off deliveries in paper bags, avoiding plastic wrapping at all times.

Once social-distancing restrictions are lifted, they plan to move their successful deli into the new shop, allowing them more space and the capacity to provide even more exciting lunchtime options. Their subsequent plan is to then transform the old deli into a fully vegan kebab and burger joint, something to entice even the most resistant meat eaters to try vegan fare. This new fast food shop will also feature some of their popular pub options including vegan fish and chips, crispy fillet burgers, chicken baskets and dirty fries. Named ‘Hank’s Dirty’, the fast food shop will add a completely new element to the vegan scene in Suffolk, and demonstrate that vegan food isn’t just salads and chia seeds.


The success of Hank’s demonstrates a powerful message: veganism is here to stay, and nothing will stop the growth of such an important movement. Although the pandemic has caused economic and social chaos, this business is proof that if they adapt and innovate, they will be able to thrive in whatever becomes our new normal.

Hank’s vegan supermarket will be moving from next week, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime you can order delivery or click and collect within the Ipswich area at:

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Images courtesy of Hank’s Vegan Deli

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Victoria Smith

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