Greggs’ customers overwhelmingly prefer vegan sausage roll to meat one according to poll

Read Time:   |  25th March 2019

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Few product launches have caused such a stir as Greggs’ famous vegan sausage roll, and according to poll customers overwhelmingly prefer the taste of the vegan sausage roll. 

greggs vegan sausage roll poll

There have been thousands of vegan products in recent years, but few have caused such a stir as Greggs‘ famous vegan sausage roll, which quickly became the company’s fastest selling launch in more than six years.

For years, vegans and vegetarians begged the high-street bakery chain to offer a meat-free version of its popular sausage roll, and in January our dreams finally came true when the company released a vegan sausage roll made with a bespoke Quorn filling.

The meat-free sausage roll was initially rolled out in 900 stores but has proved so popular with vegans and non-vegans alike (with the exception of Piers Morgan who pretended to throw up on TV after trying the new vegan offering) that the chain quickly confirmed the sausage roll would be making its way to over 1,800 Gregg’s stores.

Keen to find out once and for all which sausage roll customers really prefer, Greggs took to Facebook to launch a poll to get to the bottom of the question on everyone’s lips: if you could only save one, which would it be?

Greggs fans voted in droves, with over 108,000 people taking part in the poll of the battle of the sausage rolls, and the results showed that overwhelmingly, people would vote to save the vegan sausage roll if push came to shove.

67,000 people voted to save the vegan sausage roll, whilst 40,000 people voted in favour of the traditional baked good, and it seems that vegans are not the only ones who prefer the taste of the meat-free pastry.

“Ate the normal sausage rolls for the last 15 years but the vegan one is a million times tastier and I won’t be going back to the normal ones ever again” said one responder, whilst another added “I’m a huge meat-eater and prefer the vegan ones. Sorry bout it.”

Many commenters questioned why you’d opt for the traditional sausage roll when you can enjoy the same taste with vegan one without the cruelty.

“It’s strange to me that anyone would choose the pork sausage roll over the vegan one. Regardless of whether you’re vegan or not, omnivores can eat the vegan sausage roll, but vegans can’t eat the pork option. So the most inclusive choice would be the vegan roll, since everybody wins,” stated one commenter.

Whilst the high-street bakery chain’s poll asked customers to vote to save one, the company has no plans to discontinue either product.

A Greggs’ spokesperson said: “We ’ve had a huge response to the Facebook post and whilst the content has sparked some fun debate, fans of both our sausage rolls and vegan sausage rolls should fear not, as there no plans to stop selling either.”

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