Greenpeace release new short film linking meat to Amazon destruction

Read Time:   |  30th October 2020

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Greenpeace has created a new short film narrated by Narcos star Wagner Moura which shows the Amazon being destroyed for animal agriculture.


A new short film entitled ‘There’s a Monster in My Kitchen’ created in a partnership between Greenpeace and creative agency Mother, has been released across social media channels and movie theatres.

The inspirational film is narrated by Narcos star Wagner Moura (Pablo Escobar) and aims to educate people about the rampant deforestation in the Amazon rainforest driven by demand for industrially-raised meat.

The plot begins with a young boy raiding the fridge at night for some leftover fried chicken when he is confronted by a jaguar he refers to as a ‘monster’.

The Jaguar tears down a chalkboard with a shopping list of animal products, knocks over a meat stew and throws around animal bones leftover from a barbecue.

The script is then flipped to show the Jaguar in the rainforest while it is being burnt down to make way for industrial meat farming. It then becomes clear that the real ‘monster’ is animal agriculture.

‘Everyone can make a difference’

John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace, United Kingdom, said: “Our relentless desire for meat on ever-increasing industrial scales is having lasting consequences for the health of our planet and ourselves.

“Everyone can make a difference. But it is the retailers and suppliers of meat who can have the most dramatic impact by cleaning up their supply chains.”

At the end of the film, the young boy swaps meat for tofu and vegetables, encouraging viewers to join him and protest the meat-driven destruction of the Amazon.

“The impact of industrial meat production in South America is so vast and challenging, to visualise that we chose to bring it to life through a human story, which makes the issue more relevant to our audience’s lives and offers them tangible action for positive change,” Ana Balarin, partner at Mother, said.

The video is part of a Greenpeace campaign to end the destruction of the forests in South America. 

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