Gourmet Burger Kitchen launches vegan jackfruit burger

Read Time:   |  16th October 2018

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High-street burger chain Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) has announced the latest addition to their menu, a vegan burger, featuring the plant-based ingredient of the moment, jackfruit.

gbk vegan jackfruit burger

The plant-based burger, called ‘Jack-in-a-bun’, features a homemade butternut squash and quinoa patty, beetroot mayo, and Korean pulled jackfruit. Topped with pickled onions and rocket, this vegan-dreamboat of a burger is served in a sourdough bun.

Speaking about the new plant-based patty, Jay James, Head of Marketing at GBK said: “We are always looking to revamp our menu and keep our burger offering exciting and fresh as we know that our customers like to try out new ingredients and taste experiences. While Jack-in-the-bun was developed with our vegan burger-lovers in mind, we’re sure it will be popular among other customers who like to try out the latest food trends too.”


The news of the launch of the new burger comes after a series of ads for restaurant chain Gourmet Burger Kitchen received 195 complaints from people who felt they were offensive to vegetarians and vegans, making it the most complained about advert of 2016.

The ads featured phrases such as: “You’ll always remember when you gave up being a vegetarian”, “Anyone fancy a nice, juicy, 6oz lettuce?”, “Resistance is futile”, “Burger is the new quinoa” and “They eat grass so you don’t have to” with a picture of a cow.

GBK decided to withdraw three of the adverts following the complaints, with the two ads that mentioned lettuce and quinoa remaining in the promotional campaign.

The Jack-in-a-bun is available at GBK restaurants nationwide for £8.95.

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